Optimised and managed high-end postproduction. Even with tight schedules and challenging briefings, andreas doria and his team ensure the best solution for each motif. The trained photographer works accurately, with a good eye and a feel for nuance. The service portfolio ranges from retouching through
complete look development to composing.
Communication with his customers is particularly important to andreas doria. Photographers, agencies and companies from Hamburg, Germany and around the world rely on his services. They value the warm working atmosphere coupled with his friendly professionalism. andreas doria’s studio is the reliable interface between creation and production. With his proofing system, he creates large-format colour-accurate proofs. And thanks to fourfold backups of all orders, he ensures that nothing is lost.
"After all, postproduction is communication - nothing more, nothing less. We can only create pictures through a dialogue with customers."

andreas doria